The Red Flag Cargo Security Program is a comprehensive solution to secure your supply chain and improve your credibility with border security programs. Contact a Red Flag sales representative to find out how you can begin moving your company from protection to prevention for an ever-increasing level of security.

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How we can protect your cargo

Cloud-based application

Red Flag Security Transit Management (Red Flag STM)

  • Inventory control

    Red Flag STM tracks and logs your inventory at the unique seal number level. Every action is recorded to accurately monitor and control stock levels at multiple locations.

  • Filtering

    Red Flag STM tracks all cargo and seal movement going through checkpoints to verify accuracy and quickly identify if there has been any security anomalies. Unique numbers are assigned to each security seal, which correlate to specific cargo; this allows security personnel using Red Flag STM to confirm seal origin.

  • Hand-held computer integrated

    Save time, improve accuracy, and increase visibility with hand-held computers or smart phones that update and access real-time data from your Red Flag STM. The hand-held computer comes with role-based access for each job role: attaching seals, replacing seals, filtering, and receiving cargo. Real-time visibility is a key step toward a more secure supply chain as it informs and empowers both management and security personnel.

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